Roll Off Containers or Front Load Containers

Roll-Off Dumpsters and Containers
These large, open top containers are great for large projects. This dumpster is simply rolled into place and can handle volumes about 8,100 gallons. A roll-off dumpster or container rental is a good option for disposing of large items that cannot be easily compacted. Small businesses disposing of chairs, tables, desks, and even plaster and glass will benefit the most from this type of dumpster.

Front Load Containers
These smaller, lidded containers about to 1,600 gallons of waste. You’ve probably seen this type of container at an apartment complex or outside of a family owned restaurant. A small business disposing of remodeling or minor construction materials will find the front load container beneficial. This container is a good permanent solution for compactable items and ongoing trash removal.

Waste Disposal for Small Business at Your Fingertips
When you are deciding between a roll-off or a front load dumpster for a small business, take into consideration the type and amount of waste you have. In addition, electronics and many types of hazardous waste may require a different container. A quick call to EnviroSolutions, Inc. will clear up any questions you may have, and we’re happy to help!

Whether you are in the process of renovations, opening a new business, or simply spring cleaning, everything you need can be found right here. Waste disposal options come in a variety of sizes and are available for temporary and permanent use. Contact us at Rhino Container, LLC today to secure the proper container for your small business needs.

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